Loud Professional is an Italian professional audio that gives us the possibility to develop the new brand Loud Studio.

We choose to begin in Los Angeles, California to be closer from the new R&D in audio-visual of the Silicon Beach bringing our own experience to achieve a unique result in sound diffusion.Our know-how and services are following the Loud philosophy.

Loud family is having a new rebirth recently, achieving new important result into some prestigious environment, throw different new collaborations in the world making the Loud philosophy a strong and positive strength to answer quickly and efficiently global problematic in sound diffusion, Loud Professional became a new Actor in the market, that brings proven innovations, new feelings and a more detailed and vibrant sound.

Loud Professional Build her history with point source and line array configurations, the two most contemporary standard. A sensational sound impact offers a revolutionary experience; an extended frequency reproduction reaches deeper in the sound spectrum, a high intelligibility of the sound that becomes crisper and clearer. By mastering the sound propagation, we optimize the listening quality. We guarantee to our listener the best experience with audio. With Loud Professional product, the sound diffusion to the audience would never be more vibrant and communicative than any others sound reproduction. Loud Studio is using the latest technologies in term of acoustic improvement and soundproofing. The studio take care of each demand to offer you a simple answer for every problematic in sound reproduction. Loud is puzzling her worldwide distribution and network, you would like to bring your own vibe and soul, Let’s Talk.

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